Clip-In Set - Wavy
Clip-In Set - Wavy
Clip-In Set - Wavy
Clip-In Set - Wavy

Clip-In Set - Wavy

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Hey there, Queen! Ready to level up your hair game? Let Bombshell Studios school you on the art of luscious locks.

Give Me The Deets:

  • All About That Authenticity: We're serving 100% Virgin Brazilian human hair. So, leave those synthetic duds for the less informed.
  • From Modest to Diva Lengths: Whether you're feeling an 18-inch subtle day or a 30-inch queen-of-the-world vibe, we got you.
  • Customize It, Boss: Color it, curl it, straighten it – it's your world; we're just providing the hair accessories.
  • Life Span?: Honey, these aren’t your ordinary extensions. With some love and care, they'll last you up to 2 years.
  • All About The Volume: At 160 grams a pack, we're not here to play – we’re here to slay. One pack's got all the oomph you need for a full head.
  • Keep The Drama For Your Life, Not Your Hair: Zero tangles, zero shedding, zero nonsense.
  • Eco-Chic: Ethically sourced, because even our hair has standards.
  • DIY All The Way: Salon? Never heard of her. Get the salon look, sans the salon.

Quick-fire Q&A:

  • How long do these bad boys last? If you treat 'em right, they'll be your loyal sidekick for up to 2 years.
  • Am I damaging my precious locks with these? Absolutely not, darling. Our clip-ins are gentle – they're here to boost, not to bruise.
  • DIY possible? Can you apply them at home? Sweetie, that's the whole point! Ditch the salon queues.
  • Easiest extensions to apply? Bombshell Studios Clip-in Extensions. End of discussion.

Price Tag: Between a swanky dinner date and a designer purse ($190-$355, depending on how long you dare to go).

Who's This For: For the powerhouse Bombshell. You love your natural crown, but who says no to a little extra flair every now and then?

Last Thing: They're low maintenance. Like, "five more minutes in bed" low maintenance.

So, ready to conquer the world, one clip-in at a time? Join the Bombshell movement!


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